Inspiration: Snippets of my life

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

I like to think I am a digital nomad, who moves from one website to another, sometimes work related, often not. I came across the challenge by Daily Post to blog about what inspires me, and since I am looking to write more, this was ideal. It couldn’t have come at a better time; today has been, somewhat difficult. I realized working under pressure is, sometimes, the easiest way for me to buckle, to want to sit in a corner and just engage in emotional eating (which I know is wrong). So the challenge of penning down what inspiration means to me, and what works for me certainly puts me in a better place.


I have, for the longest time, been a nature-lover. There is unique oneness that comes about from staying in nature. It is the tranquility of chirping birds; it is the gentle flow of the river as it meanders its course; it is the rushing of water down the falls, collecting in a pool at the bottom of the falls, and simultaneously releasing a misty spray; it is the feeling of sand in my feet at the beach, overlooking the setting sun; it is the glow of the sun’s rays as they kiss the dew-covered grass to welcome a new day. These are the glimpses of nature that inspire me. It is the vastness of the ocean that reminds me of how ‘small’ I am amid the grandeur of nature. That is amazing to think about; it takes my breath away.


The inherent beauty in every individual is something to marvel at. Granted, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when you consider non-aesthetic traits like a person’s personality, their attitude towards life, their resilience in the face of adversity, the traits that really make up who they are at heart. If you look keenly, you will see beauty. The beauty that is a person who does not give up easily. The beauty of that, coupled with the fact that everyone is fighting their own battles, is inspiration enough; inspiration to appreciate the strides I have made in my personal journey, as well as be cognizant that there is more room for growth.


First things first, there is no manual to parenting (how I wish there was one!! for days like today). I will speak for moms because I am one. So you stumble along the way, fumbling for familiarity, and sometimes there is none, but you trudge on. As a survivor of Post-Partum Depression, living in the haze of this foggy phase makes it very easy to stay uninspired. Still reeling from the aftermath of what I describe as the darkest phase of my life, these days it inspires me to watch my 3-year old grow up; learn new vocabularies; develop fluency in wits; teach me life lessons, and overall, make me a better person. I am inspired to know that this stage is just that; a stage, and it does not last forever. this is inspiration enough to live in the present, to savor each and every moment, because Now is all I have.

Seemingly mundane things

You know, the seemingly ordinary, lack-lustre and mundane events… a simple cup of coffee with that one pal who has your ribs cracking, an evening walk with the background of life’s daily humdrum, a chilled evening indoors, wine in hand, book on laps. There is inspiration in the simplicity of these things, at least for me.

What is inspiration for you? Care to share what inspiration means to you, what embodies it? Have you been inspired today?

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  1. Just by reading this, I know for sure I want to read more of what you write. You are an inspiration, keep writing.

    Ps: I didn’t know what PPD was at first, now I do. And it’s great to see how your life has been transformed through your journey, you deserve a hug πŸ™‚

    1. aaaaww, thanks dear. glad to spread the word about PPD, and create more awareness! challenged to post more, certainly. and thanks for passing by πŸ™‚ many hugs

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