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For a long time I have been wondering how to really sit and live in the present on the blog, and practically. Not in the past, that is gone, Not in the future, that is not yet here. In the now. Stumbled on Taking Stock on This is Ess blog (undoubtedly one of Kenya’s best fashion stars, gotta love how passionate she is about what she does), who was inspired by the template on Sydney Poulton’s blog, who lifted the idea from Pip’s blog! What a long chain – feel free to keep the chain going-. It certainly is a great way to stay in the present, in a frenetic-paced world, what with the constant buzzing of our tabs, popping of our Facebook notifications, ringing of our phones…

So here goes. Would love to look back at this one year from now and marvel at the changes made, the strides made, and any adjustments if need be.

Making: a pencil holder from used tissue rolls with my son, a DIY project of sorts. Check this website out if you’d be interested 🙂

Cooking (tonight): cornmeal crusted fish fingers with ugali and kale. Been craving fish lately, my son’s roots manifesting perhaps?

Drinking: Lots and lots of tea. And to think I’d tell mum taking copious amounts of tea was for aging ladies, see my life Momma!!

Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, and Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.

Wanting: The night potty training phase to be over… hello 2AM alarms!

Wasting: no opportunities to connect with my little man!

Enjoying: Connecting with other moms on different platforms, talking about Post-Partum Depression (PPD).

Liking:Loving Jaye Thomas’s song, We Love Your Name.

Marveling: At how strong Sitawa Wafula is, such an amazing lady.

Smelling: Mandazi. How apt when I am working on eating healthy…

Wearing: Jeans, old school rubber shoes, and hooded sweater. This hair though, need to get the baldie look back.

Knowing: That I am never alone, in my PPD journey, in my struggles, in life.

Bookmarking: Fish recipes.

Giggling: at a conversation my son had with my pal yesterday.

Pal: What is the name of your Sunday School Pastor?

Jay: Pasta?

Pal: Yeah, Pastor.

Jay: Pasta is in the food thermos 😀 😀 😀

Thinking: About someone who used to be special, and a littu teary-eyed about it.

Feeling: Hopeful. It’s been one of those days…


Been staring at this throwback pic or a while, wondering what this little girl’s dreams were…

**Featured Image Photo Credits: Courtney Fitzgerald of Our Small Moments.**

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  1. Loving: How this blog is growing, and how far you have come.

    Praying: That you are reaching someone out there who needs to here this more than they need the next breath of air.

    Hoping: That even as i appreciate your struggle, i will never have to share a story as sad.

    Feeling: Grateful that i know such an awesome mum.

    Following: This blog keenly. I was here at the start. Can’t wait to see it in 10 years.

  2. Read this a littu teary eyes, joyous ones hehe. your support right from the get go, which means the world!!
    The praying and hoping, especially the latter. You made my day! ten, twenty, fifty years!! Yass hun. Thank you Lydiah!

    1. Hey Justine!! Thank you for taking time to read on ‘the island’! PPD connects moms across the world, would you believe this online and virtual support enabled me to heal gradually?? Which is why I created this platform. Your 6 year old son is handsome, he looks a lot like you. strength to single moms conquering PPD 🙂

      The pic, good ol’ times when all that mattered was a clean tshirt, food and a doll 😀

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