30 day writing challenge

I had taken a brief hiatus from blogging, to gain clarity and perspective for the new month. I love the newness of another month, the realization that it is a clean slate, a chance to live to the fullest. It is exactly 120 days to the end of the year, can you believe that?! Wow! the year whizzed by too much, about to get those New Year resolutions, not. I believe in taking steps to change now, now is all we really have. Suffice to say, this is one of the challenges that I have taken up for this month. a 30-day writing challenge, 30 freaking days! Does it scare me? Somewhat, feels daunting to take up a challenge so publicly.

Wondering where I got the inspiration? My online abode. Reading through Medium (yall should head on there, a resourceful site IMO), one link led to another, and I finally landed on Greig’s website where he talks about a 30-day writing challenge / teach about everything you know. The idea behind this is, we consume so much information with little or no outlet. Logically, this is not healthy. So, Greig opined that it was time to reverse the trend.

He set himself up to do a 1000 words daily on a topic he is informed about, for 30 days in a row. Yup, a whole month!! It gets better because he held himself accountable by setting up a system where if no posts are up by midnight, he gets to donate 100 sterling pounds to charity. What’s fascinating is that, like any of us, there’s all the self doubt: I am afraid, I have nothing important to say, I need time off on weekends… So he published that article and set himself up for the challenge. In the end, he had only come up 2 days short.

This got me thinking, with so little information on Post Partum Depression (PPD) especially in Kenya, perhaps this could be a good start to get conversation going on about this silent but dreadful mental health condition. I am doing the same, setting myself up for a 30-day writing challenge starting today (no, this article does not count). When I come up short, I get to donate Ksh 1000 to MyMindMyFunk, a mental health organization run by Sitawa Wafula. (She does an amazing job in mental health advocacy, Be sure to check out her current project on Open Spaces. This is a #suicide project that aims to collect narratives from people who have been suicidal/ have lost a loved one through suicide.)

Let’s meet here tomorrow, and the day after..

Featured image credits: The Telegraph

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