Day 13 – Baby Shower!

This is Day 13 of my 30 day writing challenge, almost halfway through now. This challenge has been, and continues to be amazing! I honestly had no idea where 30 posts would come from, on a DAILY basis, and even more fascinatingly for me at least, was when I’d get to do this. It has been more than a writing challenge! While at it, let me appreciate everyone who makes time to read on here. I hope this encourages someone, urges a new mom to push on even when they feel the weariness and despair set in, to let a mom with Postpartum Depression (PPD) know they are never alone…


This past weekend we, my pals and I, held a baby shower for one of us (not mine obviously!), a surprise baby-shower whose plans were hatched and executed on a Whatsapp group, without mom-to-be’s knowledge. All this over a period of a month or thereabout. This, I must say, was the most amazing baby shower I ever attended. Not so much for the gifts or the food (which was tantalizingly yummy!), but for the outpouring of love and blessings for this amazing lady about to bring forth new life. It was the sacrifice of one of us to travel from Eldoret overnight to arrive in good time; it was her sister taking time to travel from vaite land aka Meru to stay around and help her in these last laps of the marathon that pregnancy is. One of the girls had worked her night shift and still managed to be present. Another had a ruracio to attend, but still made it for the baby shower.

Looking back, I realized that this is what made her shower so special. It really is in the small things, it is in how people make time away from their busy schedules (or weekend sleep ins) to let you know that they are present. It is the crescendo of friendships birthed in high school (a decade ago, WOW! ) and in campus. The joyous laughter, the teary eyed mom-to-be (sniffles), the noise pulsing around. Joy is in the little things, and these are the memories we would hold on to when our kids are all grown up, and expecting their own children.

I stood there, reflecting on my journey. On the ups and downs of motherhood, battling PPD for the first 2+ years of my son’s life, and the healing after that. I couldn’t help but reminisce of what motherhood without PPD looked like, I’d not wish for any mom to go through PPD. Kept thinking, if there is any way I can be present for mom-to-be, I will. I said a prayer, a heartfelt prayer for mom-to-be and her child. That in days of weariness, she would be reminded of the assurance that she is loved, that grace will meet her and her baby at her point of need, that there is strength for the journey. That in the end, it is all worth it.

Congratulations L!

all shades of 'feeling elephantine' :D
my memories. all shades of ‘feeling elephantine’ 😀

Featured Image Photo Credits: Baby Showers

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  1. Awww…. That is so true. Its the sacrifice that makes the little things all that much more worthwhile. I love how you are growing with this challenge. You are rising above. Am impressed.

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