Day 14 – #SnapshotsforSanity

Day 14 of the 30 day writing challenge, halfway through. Wooop! πŸ™‚

Today’s post is inspired by the work my good friend Kimberly Zapata does at Sunshine Spoils Milk,Β a website that she dedicates to create awareness of Postpartum Depression as a mental health condition, facing anxiety as well as the challenges of parenting with a humorous twist. The online project revolves taking a photo of oneself daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or for as long as you would like, and tagging #snapshotsforsanity. This, does not require a pre-determined look. You could be ecstatic, frustrated, tagging along your Little One(s) (LO), even with your pet if you so wish.

The underlying concept is not whether you have make up on or not; it does not revolve around whether you use filters or not, or whether the image augurs well with the perception people have of you. The aim of the online project is to show that depression looks like the average person. This is why it is easy to ask, how could she be depressed when she posted all these happy photos on Facebook or Instagram? I’d never have guessed she was going through so much! She didn’t even look like it!

And that is the point of #snapshotsforsanity. Show that depression, and especially PPD does not have a face, or a way it ought to look like. Forget about how depression is portrayed on different TV productions and films. It is not the black-and-white capture of a person, curled up like a ball, soaked in their tears. This is true, in part. And that is because depression does not show for 1440 minutes daily! Most of the time, I would look like that, angry, frustrated, curled up and teary. But there were also days I was jolly, smiling for the cameras even in the depths of PPD, looking ‘normal’, ‘okay’ even when deep down I was far from it.

It is time to change this perception. Alter the perception of what PPD looks like, one snapshot at a time. Follow the hashtag #snapshotsforsanity on Instagram and Twitter too.


Featured Image Photo Credits: The Amazing Glitchy Artist

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