Day 16 – Health-freak (with a sweet tooth. Paradox?). Here’s why:.

This is Day 16 of my 30 day writing challenge.

Lately, I have been on that healthy tip, needing to stay fit. There is something about staying healthy that just makes you energetic, content. It is taking care of the temple, taking care of the body. Read through a number of blogs, and the one thing that old(er) people always wish to change is the failure to work out in their prime years, failure to stay fit and ultimately bad eating habits.

For the longest time, I was that person. Eating every kind of junk food throughout campus (veggies are for rabbits, no?) I stopped this trend when I realized I was pregnant, but I have to admit, there is no telling what those cravings can do to you!! And if you know me well by now, I got an extremely sweet tooth (red velvet cake, anyone?). This was exemplified prepartum, and many times I think my son got it from me (black-forest anyone?)

Post-partum saw me right back to my bad eating habits. The two years I suffered from PostPartum Depression saw me indulge in comfort eating like never before. I added so much weight then, and didn’t quite care really. The wakeup call came one year ago. A routine pap smear test (which turned out negative, thankfully) saw me take my blood pressure readings. I noted the figures, an average that showed my bp then was 141/90. (Medically, this is listed on borderline hypertension stage 1)

The nurse didn’t say much then because, take note, this was a pap smear test. I went home, but that figure kept tugging at my heart and mind. My background in Biochemistry made me all too aware of the lingering risk (and reward) of my bad eating habits. That, coupled with the stress of a negative and suffocating relationship at the time, weighed on me, and there I was, registering high blood pressure at just 25 years.

The news hit me like a thunderbolt. 25? High Blood Pressure? Noo! I thought about my son, my health, staying through a wrong relationship, and at what cost? This cannot be. I took up a radical exercise approach, I did cardio exercises at home like my life depended on it, and it did!!! The results were impressive, I lost significant weight gradually. All along, I realized it is important for me to take on a healthy eating habit. Occasionally, I will chronicle my journey. I will share healthy recipes I have come across over this period, as well as sprinkle this section with servings for my oh-so-sweet tooth, like this one below, made by my good friend Shiro Thuo of Maorpi Foods. *Yum*


Featured Image Credits: Dreamstime

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  1. I agree with you, nothing feels as good to the temple as food it was made to eat. I am back at the uber healthy lifestyle, and honestly, feel alive again. I hope it helps you too.

    1. Courtney! Good to hear from you 🙂 I wrote this post, and remembered all the times eating healthy made me feel so alive, I actually love it. I will admit, staying home with folks sometimes makes it a tad bit hard…

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