Day 20 – Inspired by these blogs

This is Day 20 of the 30 day writing challenge. Skipped Day 19 for, well, a few reasons. As I had mentioned in here, any skipped entries will see me donate cash by end of this month to My Mind My Funk, a mental health organization run by the amazing Sitawa Wafula. Typing in the quiet of the early morning is as tranquil as it gets; reminds me of this post I penned a while back. Getting that perfect balance is as elusive as it gets, but we trudge on.

Today, I’d like to share some of the blogs that I follow, and which have inspired my journey struggling with Postpartum Depression. The blogs are in no particular order, but have undoubtedly helped shape my outlook, inspiring me to trudge on the treacherous road that PPD is. Other blogs, while not specifically addressing depression or mental health, have offered glimpses into God’s grace, strokes that paint the canvas of life in comforting shades of reassurance and a divine plan. Better still, blogs that infused hope and humour, because you can only look back and smile, and laugh at the funny parts.

With no further ado:

1) Postpartum Progress – A resourceful website that offers support for moms with PPD, as well as any other mental health condition that is related to pregnancy and raising children. It is an excellent network that brings moms together from all corners of the world, allowing them to share their stories without stigma. If you think you may be suffering PPD, or simply want additional information, this is a site I would highly recommend.

2) Sunshine Spoils Milk – An amazing blog run by my girl Kimberley Zapata. Incidentally, first came across this blog when I was on Postpartum Progress, when Kim had posted a raw, heart wrenching story about her PPD journey, aptly titled Fahrenheit. Her resilience, her tenacity, her realistic approach, and ultimately her brute honesty; these are just some of the things that inspired me. Her work has appeared in major publications, so you might want to check her out.

3) Our Small Moments – Many times, feeling stuck in the pits of PPD made me think it really was the weight of the world crushing on me. And it is easy to feel like one is not good enough. Reading this blog by Courtney Fitzgerald helped put so many things in perspective. Courtney is an amazing mom, widow and photographer. She chronicles her journey after the loss of her husband to cancer. I am enamored by her fortitude, her strength and insight.

4) Mundane Faithfulness – This website was originally written and managed by the late Kara Tippets before her homecoming. Kara had breast cancer, and at MF, she penned her raw thoughts, always pointing us, her readers, bck to the one who mattered most, Jesus. She allowed us to peek into her vulnerability, always looking for fresh grace to love those around her, and to love big. The site is now managed by a beautiful soul, Blythe Hunt (who also suffered depression, you can read that here), who, in my opinion, does a superb job carrying on Kara’s legacy alongside the MF team. Rest well Kara, dance with the angels.

5) PNDandme – A website run by Rosey, and dedicated to raising awareness about PPD. What struck me about her rich site is the diversity of the topics she addresses. More importantly, she features guest posts by Matt, a dad who has experienced the challenges of raising kids with PPD. Yes, dads too suffer from PPD! Rosey is also the founder of #pndchat, an online gathering that addresses topical features on #pnd.

This is just but a short list of my favorite blogs. Countless people have poured into my heart over my journey, and I am oh so grateful. What are some of the blogs that have inspired you in your journey? Blogs that encouraged you to hold on even when it looks bleak? I want to hear from you. Let’s share, you never know who you could touch. Sending sunshine to you all.

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