Day 21 – The Place of Vulnerability

Today is Day 21 of the 30 day writing challenge, a challenge which has allowed me to learn so much more than just putting up Postpartum Depression-related posts. 9 days to go. While at it, S/O to all those who take time to read this blog, I see you guys in Poland, India and Mauritius too 🙂

Yesterday I shared five of the many blogs that have been instrumental in my life here. Mulling over the impact of these posts, the words that have so often spoken to my heart as well as the experiences of my fellow bloggers brought one thing to light. A common similarity emerged of all the sites: the five and the host of others that I visit constantly.

It was amazing to realize that as diverse as the blogs are, they were unified by the need to remain authentic, true to the lessons they have learnt over the years. Painful lessons, but necessary ones. To share with the world all these lessons calls for some bit of vulnerability. Here’s why: it is opening up about your *dark for some of us* past, bearing most of what many would consider a private life, and ultimately revealing a struggle, a deep-seated issue and the journey through it all.

This is not an easy thing, since then it opens up one’s life to scrutiny. You have people reading and following your blog silently, watching from a distance. It is easy to feel the pressure to impress by omitting these otherwise lackluster portions of our lives. There’s no harm in providing the highlights of the show, just let me retain the original script, so it is easy to think. This way perhaps, I can remain masked without having to pull off the layers that have camouflaged my ashen face.

I have discovered something beautiful even in the midst of these thoughts. That it is this vulnerability that makes it easy for people to relate to different issues. It is the vulnerability in talking about been suicidal that allow other moms to know that they are not alone. It is the vulnerability of wondering how to balance spirituality, motherhood, work, friendships and still create time for myself, that allows other moms to know that it is okay not to look for perfection.

It is the place of feeling exposed in handling issues that leave us flummoxed, wondering where to start, that allows divine grace to step in. When we accept out struggles, share our journeys, and embrace the place of vulnerability, then we are best placed to be open to the possibility of healing and restoration, not just in our lives, but in the lives of those around us.

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    1. Hey Jade(?), thank you for reading!! I will admit that this connection at a time when I was at my lowest during PPD kept me going. So glad to meet you too, albeit virtually, and it is always a blessing to connect with other moms 🙂

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