Day 25 – Grace

This is Day 25 of the 30 day writing challenge, albeit late. Here’s what happened *accountability*. I often write the posts early morning, 5AM, and schedule them to publish at 11. Yesterday night, my son had an erratic night, thanks to a cold and all-night sniffles. I couldn’t get the post scheduled, and so resorted to writing it late in the night. As if on cue, my internet decided, you know what, I ain working. for half an hour I kept refreshing tabs and figured I’m better off asleep. Here is yesterday’s piece.


The moon stands majestic, tiny cloud hovering around,

I can’t contain myself, I hear my heart pound,

Gentle whistling of the wind, and the rustling of the dried leaves,

An eerie quiet fills the atmosphere, and a cat purrs in the distant,

this scenario was all too familiar, causing me to be flippant.

Then a sharp cry rent the air, breaking the still of dusk,

I knew what was going to come after that, and resorted to the sulk.

Rolling, screaming, caking himself with fine dust.

He looked up, puffy eyes, gasping for breath. Amid his sobs, white hands he cast.

For a split second, there was a moment of grace.

Grace would meet me when I couldn’t see His face.

Sweet Grace.

Featured Image Photo Credits: Estera Marian

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