Day 27 – Taking Stock 02

This is Day 27 of the 30 day writing challenge. 3 days to go. *does the happy dance* Last week has been a little hard for me, especially with disciplining my son. I can’t tell the number of times I think about sending him to Pluto with a one-way ticket… then I am reminded that grace is available. What better way to come to this realization than to take stock one month later? This is the second post in this series, you can check out the first one I did here.

Making: the best of my morning hours. Still inculcating in myself the habit of rising at 4AM, some days I struggle and snooze through, some I wake up so excited about a new day. As a mom, I have found this to be one of the best ways to steal time for myself to do my devotions, read, and blog, without asking why someone is wearing a potty on their head.

Cooking: Its 5:30AM, thinking about my favorite cuppa tea 😀

Drinking: Lots of tea, and water, and missing wine!

Reading: (Still) Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama. Added a devotional, Women of the Bible by Jean E. Syswerda & Ann Spangler. Put the Goldfinch by Donna Tart on hold.

Wanting: to see my niece, L’s baby whose baby shower we attended sometime back.

Wasting: no chance to eat avocados and bananas. Yes.

Enjoying: my own company.

Loving: Music by Aaron Keyes, and especially Trust You. Thank you Gathoni for this!

Marveling: At how the 30 day writing challenge has panned out! Learnt so much about Postpartum Depression and connected with many people (and moms) across the globe.

Smelling: freshness. Know that lingering smell early morning? The smell of opportunity and chances to win at life!

Wearing: Pajamas, rocking baldie 🙂

Knowing: The truth that anger and shouting at my son is not the way to go (it is so damn hard sometimes 🙁 )

Bookmarking: Aaron Keyes on Youtube, and Carol Ofafa’s blog, the Petticoat, for the needs forgotten. Gotta love her ‘About Me’ Page 😀 (plus, who still wears petticoats?)

Giggling: at nothing, really.

Thinking: about 1) my spiritual walk and 2) Companionship

Feeling: Energized for the new week ahead, and a little nostalgic.


**Featured Image Photo Credits: Patricia Esteve

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