Day 29 – Of Nose Rings and Inner Beauty

Day 29 of the 30 day writing challenge. WOW! I’m glad to see this come to fruition.

Today’s post is inspired, in part, by the simple discovery that the Bible actually makes mention of a nose ring (i looove nose rings 🙂 ), in three instances. In Genesis when Rebekah, on been discovered by Abraham’s senior servant, was adorned with a gold nose ring and bracelets. Yet again in Proverbs where Solomon aptly describes beauty that is superficial by saying, “like a gold ring on a swine’s snout, is a beautiful woman with no discretion”. The MSG says it as it is: “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful face on an empty head” – ouch!

In the third instance, God professes His sovereign love over Jerusalem using metaphors. He cleans her, dresses her in warm clothing and adorns her precious jewelry: bracelets on the arms, a necklace, a nose ring, earrings and a crown. (These respective scriptures can be found in Genesis 24:22-23, Proverbs 11:22, Ezekiel 16:18-24 if you are interested). Evidently, womenfolk in biblical times have long been fascinated by jewelry; this has not changed much today. Women are enamored by jewelry.

I have not been one to shy from jewelry, and yes I love my (nose) piercings. Reading through this scriptures today morning and using my Women of the Bible Devotion, I couldn’t help but realize that there was more to adornment. There is nothing wrong with these piercings and outer beauty, but there’s more to beauty. There is something elegantly graceful about inner beauty; the kind that does not emanate from outward appearance or the latest trends.

This inner beauty transcends physical appearances and embraces gentleness, a quiet spirit, an endearing demeanor and a peaceful aura. This inner beauty takes time to develop. Unlike physical beauty where in an instant, one can have a piercing or makeup or a different skin tone, inner beauty is a Work In Progress (WiP). If only we, I, took time to analyze my inward persona as much as I do the outward.

I will admit, I have struggled with this in my Postpartum Depression (PPD) journey. The fogginess of this journey meant that even my outward appearance was quite messy. Kinky hair (not the nice natural hairdos on the streets complete with bows! unkempt, something that could house a bird for a week), dry face, sagging postpartum belly… This happened so effortlessly when I was depressed; I stopped living and resorted to existing, getting through the motions, somewhat irked with every start of a new day, because it meant more tears, more rage, more helplessness.

In recovery, I am learning to embrace my inner persona as well as take care of the outward appearance. Loving my bald look and piercings. More importantly, I am learning to be less grumpy and calmer, more cheerful, more grateful. This inner beauty does not fade, but it is a WiP.

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