Taking Stock 03


Feels good to be back on the blog. Took some time off, partly swamped with lots of work, partly getting perspective as the year draws close to the end, yet still finding myself in the journey to healing from Postpartum Depression. There are good days, and there are hard days, hard days when something as insignificant as undone shoe laces from a fussy kid in the morning just throws me off balance (some day I should blog about the shoe chronicles, whew. I look back and see the many times Jesus has had to take the wheel, 2 wheels actually plus the spare wheel.)

This is the 3rd in the ‘Taking Stock’ series, part of the reason for this monthly series is to take time off and snatch away a moment or two to truly live in the present, notices what’s in my surrounding and just about be grateful for a lot (even against the background of my beloved countries scandals and quagmire 🙁 ). You can check out the first of this series here, and the second here.

Making: sense of this phase I am in currently. Any ladies out there feel the need to connect with other ladies, sisterhood? I miss this aspect of my life dearly, and it seems elusive, so much so that when I think, here it is, it slips right away between my fingers…

Cooking: nothing actually. It’s what happens when you do some 300 kms in just a couple of hours, and get home tired as can be, but still want to blog 🙂

Drinking: masala tea. I cannot get over my addiction to tea. My friend helped me in this regard and let me know I am a proud member of the Chaivinist group. For my international readers, Chai is the Swahili word for tea, and chaivinist a slight corruption of chauvinist, gerrit?

Reading: My gratitude list. Daily, I make an attempt to write 5 things for which I am grateful for, regardless of how crappy my day has been. When I do this, I am always reminded of the question “What if you woke up today with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?” Food for thought.

Wanting: To get my 2016 diary soon.

Wasting: no chance to read my little guy stories at bedtime, read his Bible and cuddle before planting a fat goodnight kiss on his cheeks. When you have suffered PPD, you know too well these small things make a world of difference.

Enjoying: the many family functions. The season is here!!!

Loving: The birthday black-forest cake we got Aunt Iryne from Maorpi Foods. Delectable, Delicious, Sweet, oh-so mouth watering. If you are a sweet tooth, Shiro Thuo, the brains behind Maorpi, is your go-to girl!

Look at all these yummy goodness, Maorpi Foods surpassed my expectations! <3

Marveling: at how, whenever I put my mind to something, the excellent result speaks for itself 🙂

Smelling: the earthy smell, you know the one that soaks the air when the first fat rain drops hit the dusty ground? That one.

Wearing: PJs and a marvin hat (baldie and the cold chronicles)

Knowing: That the suffering of this present life, does not compare to the glory that is about to be revealed in us, and for us (Romans 8:18) – This verse has kept me going in the past few weeks when I have questioned so much that does not absolutely make sense…

Bookmarking: two websites that chronicle the journey and challenges of cancer, and the place of grace. Many times I read these blogs teary eyed, because of the rawness, the reality of cancer, the hope in eternity. The two are Mundane Faithfulness (initially managed by the late Kara Tippets, and whose legacy continues under the ever graceful leadership of Blythe Hunt) as well as This Life I live (run by Rory, a man whose beloved wife suffers advanced cervical cancer, and the blog is where he chronicles his journey, a glimpse into hope, music, love and sweet memories)

Giggling:Its 2AM as I post this, not quite giggling at anything.

Thinking: About my son’s future.

Feeling: Grateful.

**Featured Image Photo Credits: KD Post

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