Healing through the haze of postnatal depression

This post was originally written as a guest post for MQ. MQ is a charity organization whose main objective is to improve mental health across the globe by enhancing research in the field. This way, people with mental health conditions can lead productive lives.

MQ is all about M-ental Health and Q-uality Life. I am honored to be featured on the organization’s site, and it is my hope that more parents with Postpartum Depression (PPD) will find hope for better days. To find out more of this noble cause visit www.joinmq.org

As the festive season approaches, I cannot help but marvel at the fact that in my son’s almost four years, this is the first Christmas I will be spending, away from the haziness that is postnatal depression. It is as amazing as it is surreal. It brings tears to my eyes, but not the kind of tears that I shed last Christmas. Instead, it is tears of joy, of gratitude, of hope.

Let’s back track a little to 2011. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew I’d have loved to be a mom, but it never really crossed my mind that this desire would manifest less than one year later. When I realized I was pregnant, a myriad of thoughts crossed my mind. Part of me was ecstatic at the thought of bringing forth new life. But many of my thoughts revolved around fear and worry. Fear of the unknown, fear that this was the wrong time, worry about how I would provide for him and how I would cope with the demands of motherhood.

At about 5 months of pregnancy, it became apparent that I would be a single parent…

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