Art Therapy: DIY Threaded Bottles

Art therapy has a way of soothing the soul, and especially making it a tad bit easier to deal with some of the curveballs life throws at us. Sometime last month, I took up my first DIY project on the blog to create a photo frame using sticks, and totally loved it. Now that the holidays are here, what better way to keep the LO busy than with a simple DIY project to thread bottles? I gleaned this idea from one of the most amazing people in my life here.

What You Need:

  1. Glass bottles (here’s more reason to buy wine 🙂
  2. Chunky yarn (available at the supermarket)
  3. Office glue
  4. A pair of scissors



  1. Place the bottles in water for a couple of hours in order to help you get rid of the paper labels and any residual matter on the inside.
  2. Place the bottles on a clean piece of cloth to dry well.
  3. Place your chunky yarn in a bucket or box to prevent it from running across the room (Thank me later).

img_20160219_174158.jpg4. Take your glue and apply a thin line at the top of the first bottle. (Some people opt to start from the bottom of the bottle, but I found this more difficult, plus I had an extra pair of hands to ‘help’, so no thank you).

5. The best way to do this is to apply a line at a go, simply because the glue dries and you’ll need to keep re-applying.


with extra help of course…


… and snacking!

6. Start passing the yarn round the bottle from its neck, making sure the threading is firm. If you would like, you can use differently-colored yarns.

7. Repeat this until you get to the bottom of the bottle.

8. Once done, you could beautify the threaded bottles however you want: brightly colored buttons, fresh blooms or bow-tied threads.


Finished threaded bottles 🙂


The mini bottles were done by my LO, one is still in progress, and there’s so much beauty in their imperfection (read the puffed up threaded bottles). Looking forward to place a stem or two in here 🙂 *DIY stick photo frame in the background*
Have you done the threaded bottles project? What was that like? Any other DIY projects I should check out?



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