I once forgot these 2 things raising my then-infant…

Motherhood is synonymous with perfect imperfection, and for good reason. There are many scenarios that paint this picture perfectly well, and I guess the older the kids grow, the more the incidences, many of which you look back at with hilarity. There are two things that stand out when I think of infancy and the simple things that seemed to elude my mommy brain. It is not the kind of stuff that readily comes to mind for new moms, and only after some time does it hit you!

  1. I forgot to wipe in between my son’s toes…eek!

I knowwww, gross! But it actually happened severally until his granny noticed it. I wrote about bath time nostalgia here, and this is certainly one of the things that I muse about, 4 years on. See, for the first two weeks, cucu (grandma) bathed him. And why was that? Because I was too scared he’d slip right through my hands. He was such a tiny baby, and for that period I couldn’t, for the life of me, tell whether his cries were hunger-induced or otherwise.

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So to avoid all this, cucu did the bathing. When I eventually got the hang of it, I would bath him speedy-speedy, dry and dress. On cold days, I’d make sure the heater was on. And so, for some reason, in the process of drying his tiny body, I’d skim through his toes and proceed to dress him warmly. One of those random hot days I was scrutinizing him and noticed he had the whitish stuff in between his toes, eeeeww.

I was shocked, I mean, how could I forget that? Perhaps it was because his feet were so small, and in the quest to dress him quickly, it never crossed my mind to dry his toes. Suffice to say, I never ever forget to do so, to-date. What I find interesting is that my friend, who is a new mom herself, once asked me why her baby’s toes had some whitish stuff. Only then did I realize, this probably happens to new moms a lot more than I thought.

  1. I forgot to buy my son’s nail cutter.

LOL, this looks so mundane, but I remember getting home that Tuesday evening with my bundle of joy, my train of thoughts constantly getting derailed by this new reality. I unpacked my hospital bag and pretty much just sat down to get the hang of breastfeeding. Only then did I notice baby had these peculiarly sharp finger nails which he’d constantly scratch his face with. Now, yall know how delicate baby skin is, so the scratches are not a pretty sight.

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I went to his cot where the baby stuff was, searching for a baby nail cutter to no avail. I definitely could not use my regular nail cutter on his nails, so the only solution was to make him wear mittens to prevent him from scratching his face.

This is for my pregnant friends and new moms: Get that tiny baby nail cutter in your shopping list, and do not forget to wipe baby’s feet thoroughly.

PS: I think I am slowly piecing the memories of my son’s infancy with these recent posts. Given that most of the experience was lost in the haze of depression, the slow recollection is so much welcome. And, if I can be honest, I do miss this infancy stage (well, save for the lack of sleep and pooplosions!). Oh well….

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