Taking stock 07

You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things; to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals – Sir Edmund Hillary

It has been a long while since I did my ‘Taking stock’ series, I got to a point where I started questioning the progress of this blog (we are 1 this month, yay!), whether it was making any impact in anyone’s life, whether I was living my most authentic self… and above all, whether every piece was really from the heart. I guess as a writer you get to a place where if a piece you put up is not heartfelt, it is simply okay not to write. Then again, this ought not be a reason to bask in the infamous writers’ block.

So, in the second half of this year, I am getting myself more committed to this series, and generally just blogging, on Postpartum depression, motherhood, life lessons and everything in between. Here’s the 7th installment of the ‘Taking Stock’ series. Catch up with previous posts here.

Making: Every second count. I realized just how much time slips between my fingers when I am not paying attention to the moments ticking by. Plus, I guess sleep is overrated, but I just can’t seem not to snuggle after snoozing…

Cooking: Coconut rice, because sometimes dinner has to be whipped up real fast. Hello tired mommy.

Drinking: Pink Rosemary Lemonade as seen on Cooking with Jaz in this post. So so good, who woulda thought you can put Rosemary in a mocktail?

Reading: We Need New Names by Noviolet Bulawayo.

Wanting: An extra day between Sunday and Monday.

Wasting: No opportunity to read some more. Those hours we keep losing in traffic, cussing at the overlapping matatus, and wishing we had extra hours once we got home, can actually be put to good use.

Enjoying: This season of my life.

Loving: My twisted braids. It’s been more than one year since I last had any hairdo after I went bald.

Marveling: At the fact that vulnerability is never easy, yet it is one of the most liberating things anyone can experience.

Smelling: Oranges. Oranges are in season now, so get that Vitamin C to keep the cold at bay.

Wearing: A pair of tights (and falling in love with my curves)

Knowing: The truth that I am loved, that NOTHING can separate me from the Love of God. Such profound truths in this.

Bookmarking: Owaahh’s blog. He has such a knack for proper storytelling, so much so that it is almost impossible to read allll the recent posts at one go, saving some posts till the next story is told 🙂

Giggling: at something I read somewhere today, “That someone has the personality of a guava”

Thinking: about the fact that my munchkin turns 5 in just a few months.. so surreal!

Feeling: Like I’d do with a set of wheels. The dust! Soon…


Loved this look sooo  much.


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