Family TV Interview on Postpartum Depression

On 18th October I made my way to Family Media Studios for my first ever interview on Postpartum Depression (PPD) as a survivor. To say I was not a bundle of nerves would be to put it lightly. I was anxious, largely because, while my blog is public, there’s a degree of vulnerability that comes along with your story aired on TV. I had already made up my mind; I was not going to back out.

The interview was for a local TV show, Family Health. The crew working on the show were amazing to say the least, and that made settling a whole lot easier for me. I shared intimate details of my struggle with PPD over the years after my son’s birth, talked about my therapy sessions which you can read about here and here, as well as finally setting out to create an online platform to sensitize more people on PPD – that’s @PPDKenya on Twitter.

This is the first of many in this advocacy journey, and I can only look forward with enthusiasm. I cannot end this post without thanking the amazing people who made it happen in partnership with Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO)** Kenya. Great working with Iregi M,director PDO as well as the Family TV crew – Eunice, Ken, Davis and Leo.

Thank you too to everyone who did watch and send so much love and light my way. You guys are amazing! And to the moms who got hope after the episode aired, and continue to trudge forward even though PPD seeks to make them think otherwise, you are the reason I do this.

You can watch the show on YouTube by clicking here.


NOTE: Psychiatric Disability Organization (PDO) Kenya is a community based organization that assists the people with mental illnesses to build better lives through access to proper diagnosis and treatment, social integration and skills development. Check out their website here and link up on Facebook too.

UPDATE: This past weekend, two dailies published my Postpartum Depression story. Both Saturday Standard and People Daily featured the story which you can read here and here. It is incredibly humbling to be able to have such platforms that are able to reach many more people, and to give moms courage to step out and get the help they need.



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