I Finally Got Around To Making my 2019 Vision Board: Here’s How.

A simple guide to creating your vision board

I have long been planning to make a vision board. When the New Year rolled in, I made sure to put that on my list of things-to-do (Alafu, is there anyone who is still saying Happy New Year? Because it is ageing really fast!) I finally got around to making it and was pretty stoked by how it turned out.

A vision board, just as the name suggests, is a tool on which you display pictures that represent what you aspire to be or have in your life. This not only helps you clarify your life goals, but it is also a wonderful way to stay focused on your goals.

A simple guide to creating your vision board

Why create a vision board?

When I decided to make one, I started by visiting this site to read up on vision boarding and what it entailed. In this day and age, many of us tend to be distracted from our goals quite a bit – whether that is because of a demanding career, transition to a new stage in life, a breakup, even social media! There are many things that make it easy for us to get distracted. This is where creating a vision board comes in handy.

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3 solid reasons to create a vision board

  1. A vision board gives clarity for your goals

Many of us will typically create resolutions at the start of the year. For the most part, these may include wanting to exercise, travel, eat better and improve relationships among others. But how specific are these goals? What would it take to exercise well for instance, or to improve your relationships?

Having a vision board provides clarity for these goals. This is because to make one, you will need to look for pictures that accurately capture the details of your goals. For some, exercise means going for a daily jog, taking bi-weekly Zumba classes or even purchasing a home workout DVD. In seeking these images, it is then possible to turn those resolutions into tangible action and achievable goals.

  1. A vision board is a great addition for your daily affirmations

For the most part, a vision board contains pictures of what you would want to do or achieve. It is important, however, to include words or phrases that resonate with your values and goals. This helps to silence the ‘Inner Critic’, you know the negative voice that never shuts up and continually discredits your capabilities? That voice is the one I am referring to as the ‘Inner Critic’.

Affirmations are a reminder of the potential that you have, away from the grip of the Inner Critic. Some great affirmations include:

“I am present in this moment”

“I am enough” and

“Worthy of the space that I occupy”

  1. A vision board helps you to stay focused

Lastly, a vision board helps you to stay focused. We are all too familiar with how quickly the ‘New Year, New Me’ vibe is easily buried by the demands of daily living. How then is it possible to stay focused? By creating a vision board. Regardless of what happens, this vision board serves as a reminder of where you would want to go. It taps into your conscious and subconscious so that your mind is fixated on your goals.

Now that we know the benefits of having a vision board, I will share the process of how I made mine below.

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What you need to make your vision board

Most websites will include the use of a poster frame, glue, marker pens and old magazines as the things that you will need to bring your vision board to life. I, however, did not have the resources to purchase all those things. Here’s what I used:

  • The hard backflip of last year’s calendar, but you can use manilla paper or even buy a dry erase board for this purpose.
  • Office glue
  • Old newspapers
  • Old magazines I had kept in my closet (and which everyone has finished reading anyway)
  • Marker pens

Here are the simple steps I followed to make my vision board

  1. I first blocked out a period of time to prepare the vision board, ideally about 2 – 3 hours uninterrupted (Yes, I opted to do this while kiddo was in school). I then made cuttings from the newspapers and magazines, choosing pictures and words that resonated with my 2019 vision plan.
  2. Once I had all the cuttings, I divided the hard backflip of last year’s calendar into squares to cover different aspects of my goals. Mine included PPDKenya (the organization I founded to raise awareness on Postpartum depression and offer support), Finances, Health and Fitness (More about my fitness routine for 2019 in this post), Family, Relationships, Work, Travel and Books. This way, it would be easier to assemble relevant ideas on the board.
  3. I then collected the cuttings in the different categories and began to paste them onto my ‘board’. This went on until I had a collage of photos that represented my dreams and goals.
  4. I then let the vision board dry, before placing it on my desk where I would see it every day. I especially loved that I found words which I feel, are defining for my 2019 – BOLD and EVOLVE. Every morning I wake up, say a prayer and take a good look at my vision board. It is a reminder of where I am heading and what I would like to achieve this year.

PS: For anyone who would want to prepare their vision board on their gadget, the use of vision board software may interest you. Read more about that here.

PPS: Spurred by my pictures, my son also made newspaper cuttings and made a mini version of his vision board. In it, he has pictures of guys exercising (guess my enthusiasm rubbed on him, hah!), footballers, a spanky new car and a beautifully designed living area. I found his choice of images pretty interesting, and I hope his dreams come true!


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